Welcome and opening remarks from the Chair

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson

CEO, Electricity Association of Ireland


Departmental Address: What policies will enable the development of Ireland’s power industry post-brexit?

This address will include an update on the north-south interconnector and the Celtic interconnector project.

Bob Hanna

Bob Hanna

Chief Technical Advisor, Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment



Opening International Keynote Address: Building the future around customers and communities  – How the world is changing right now

  • The latest innovative energy offerings and models from around the world
  • For every need and desire there is a solution
  • Building business cases by letting go of traditional revenue streams
  • Taking it global and why we should look beyond the developed world
Dr Philip Lewis

Dr Philip Lewis

Founder and CEO, Vaasaett (Finland)


Panel Discussion: How should our power market evolve?

  • Unlocking the potential of our electricity industry
  • How regulation can be a win win for stakeholders
  • Pricing for the future

Jim Gannon


Garrett Blaney

Commissioner for Energy Regulation

Paddy Turnbull

Chair, Smart Grid Ireland

Rosemary Steen

Director, External Affairs, EirGrid


Morning Break


Can you rely on a Reliability Option?

In this session, our speaker will provide an expert view of what the new I-SEM CRM could mean for a range of generation technologies and provides his thoughts on how the competitive dynamics under the new auction process could play out. This presentation will take a look at the benefits and risks of the new mechanism, from a system and participant perspective, and provide insight into what this change could mean for the market and its players, including drawing on the experience of similar capacity auctions in the GB electricity market. Also included in this session is a review on disruptive technologies, including the role of blockchain in the energy markets.

Andy Kelly

Andy Kelly

Principle Consultant, Poyry (UK)



Flexibility, renewables and an active electrical system

New technologies and new customer activities (eCars, eHeat and roof-top renewables) are driving new requirements from the existing electrical system. ESB hope to facilitate this change in the most economic fashion possible using a blend of traditional asset investment, smart networks and ICT/Software solutions. Our speaker will frame this challenge and highlight some of the projects and initiatives underway to support these requirements.

Jonathan Sandham

Jonathan Sandham

Smart Networks Manager, ESB Networks


Case Studies: Real World Results from integrated AMI / Smart Grid programme

Silver Spring Networks has worked with more than 30 utilities around the world to improve network performance using smart metering and grid technologies.

Hear about how Florida Power and Light used the SSN integrated smart metering and distribution control platform to recover more quickly from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, how outage durations have been reduced at ComEd in Illinois, and how UKPN has connected renewable generation to the distribution network at record low costs and in very short timescales. We will share the quantified benefits that these utilities have delivered from their smart grid programmes, such as improvements against regulatory performance metrics and reduced numbers outages and truck rolls to resolve faults.

Ireland has an opportunity to benefit from these experiences as part of its transition to a low carbon economy.

Alec Almond

Alec Almond

Vice President, Global Technical Sales Support, Silver Spring Networks (USA)


Integration of distributed energy resources

Our speaker looks ahead at where electric distributions systems are headed

Dr Andrew Keane

Dr Andrew Keane

Head of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Dublin


The importance of Grid-Scale Energy Storage

  • Obstacles preventing energy storage development
  • Technology innovation for energy storage
  • Demand side storage
  • How standards play a pivotal role in the communications infrastructure of the Smart Grid
Barry Gavin

Barry Gavin

Director, Gaelectric




Welcome back from the Chair

David Taylor

David Taylor

Chairman, The Energy Institute



Securing the smart grid as we move towards 100% renewables

Dr Fiona Williams

Dr Fiona Williams

Research Director, Ericsson (Germany)


Digital Disruption, IoT & distributed computing, blockchain and security as trends that affect the energy sector

Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Smart Utilities Lead, UKI, Cisco Systems (UK)


The Impact on the DSOs (Distributed System Operators) of the Clean Winter Package

The European Commission published its proposals on a wide ranging package of legislation in November, known as the Clean Energy Package.This presentation will address how the role and business models of Europe’s Distribution System Operators are impacted.

Dr Fergal McNamara

Dr Fergal McNamara

Manager of Distribution, EURELECTRIC (Brussels)


Afternoon Break



How can the energy sector play a greater role in supporting the energy transition in Ireland?

Climate change represents one of the biggest challenges to face the global community. The increased incidence of extreme and unseasonal weather events in recent times indicates that our climate is changing. Failure to address climate change will see a further rise of such events with increasing impacts on industry, trade and commercial functionality, with consequent impact on economic and social development. As climate change has emerged as a result of the actions of all sectors of society, the appropriate response to addressing it must be multifaceted. Solutions must be considered that span all sectors and leverage areas such as technological innovations, carbon markets and climate finance, sustainable production and consumption, and climate smart agriculture and food security. While the Energy sector has delivered strong decarbonisation results under the ETS scheme there is potential for the energy and utilities sectors to also meet some of the challenges faced in the non ETS sector. Our speaker will talk through a set of recommendations applied to the energy sector, including technology options and enabling policy, for delivering the energy transition in Ireland. These findings will also appear in a report by PwC Ireland.

Kim McClenaghan

Kim McClenaghan

Director, PWC


LEADERS PANEL DISCUSSION: Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…

In this panel, energy leaders get the opportunity to present their wish list for the big issues they would like resolved within the energy sector. After brief presentations from each of the panellists, questions and discussion will be opened up to the floor.

Ian Thom

Ian Thom

CEO, Viridian Group

Michael Manley

Michael Manley

Assistant Secretary General with responsibility for the Energy Division

Stephen Wheeler

Stephen Wheeler

Managing Director, SSE Ireland


Wrap up and closing remarks